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Los Angeles Bail Bonds

If someone you know has been arrested in Los Angeles, we can help.

At Adelante Bail bonds we have been helping clients with bail bonds in Los Angeles for more than 40 years. Call our office today to speak with a reputable bail agent in your area.

Our company has a bondsman for each of the LA County jails. We can help you with Burbank bail bonds, bail bonds in Van Nuys, bail bonds in Hawthorne, bail bonds in Whittier, bail bonds in Pasadena and bail bonds in Lost Hills. Someone is here to help you 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. We offer free, confidential consultations at any time, day or night.

Contact our office today to learn how we can help you with all of your Los Angeles bail bonds needs.

Affordable bail bonds in LA County

The cost to hire a bondsman in LA County is set according to state law and the California Department of insurance requires every licensed bail agent to charge 10%. When you secure a bond you’re doing more than helping arrange the defendant’s release. You’re agreeing to take responsibility they’ll go to court and finish their case. You’re also agreeing to pay the bondsman’s fee.

If bail has been set so high that you’re not able to pay the full 10% all at once, we can still help. Our affordable bail bonds payment plans can be custom-tailored to work within your budget. Call us today for a free LA bail bonds consultation.

Don’t be fooled by companies that advertise having the cheapest bail bonds in town. Every company is required to charge the same rates, and the cheapest bail bonds percentage that you see in these ads is a trick that is used to get clients through the door. It doesn’t refer to the full cost to purchase LA bail bonds. It refers to the percentage you need to put down on a payment plan.

Call our office today for a free, no-nonsense jail bond consultation.

24-hour bail bonds in Los Angeles

When you call Adelante Bail Bonds you will be connected to a professional bondsman who will take as much time as needed to make sure you understand how bail bond work.

We understand that most people have never needed to secure bail bonds in LA. The good news is that the LA bail bonds process isn’t nearly as complicated or difficult as you might think. An expert bondsman is here 24-hours a day to help walk you through the process step by step.

In order to start the process for bail bonds in Los Angeles the agent will need to get some basic information from you about the defendant and the type of crime they’ve been charged with. If you don’t know which jail the defendant has been taken to, we can help you look that up.

Los Angeles bail bonds responsibilities

We understand this is a stressful time for you and that you probably have a million and one questions about how LA bail bonds work. It’s our job to make sure you have as much information as possible so that you can make an informed, thoughtful decision regarding bail.

Bail bonds can be expensive and they also involve legal liability. The most important thing to remember is that when you cosign for bail bonds in Los Angeles is that you are guaranteeing the defendant’s appearance in court. The decision to help someone arrange Los Angeles bail bonds should not be taken lightly. A reputable agent at Adelante Bail Bonds is here to answer your questions and to address all of your needs.

Our company is dedicated to helping clients with all types of bail bonds in Los Angeles including criminal bail bonds, federal bail bonds, surety bonds and bail bonds. We offer affordable bail bonds payment plans for qualified clients and we’ll work with you to find a solution that works within your budget.

Fast bail bonds in Los Angeles

All Los Angeles bail bonds agencies charge the same price, but our professionalism, knowledge and reputation for customer service is what sets us apart from the rest. A bail bond agent for the LA county jails is available 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

Our compassionate bondsmen are available 7-days a week to help provide you honest advice from an objective viewpoint. We do this in order to help our clients see past their emptions so they can look at the situation from a practical standpoint. The decision to arrange Los Angeles bail bonds should be made carefully and thoughtfully. Our LA bail bonds agents will never pressure you. We want you to feel comfortable in your decision.

Call our office today to speak with a trustworthy Los Angeles bail bondsman. Let us show you how our honesty, professionalism and customer services sets us apart from the rest.

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