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How Do I Post Bail?

How Bail is Set

Has your loved one been arrested for a crime? One of the last places you want to find the ones you care about it behind bars. You are more than likely hoping to get them out as quickly as possible, as well as them being eager to be released. There are some cases where a person will not be given the option of leaving jail until after they are found innocent. This can occur for those that have committed more serious crimes or the court believes they will try to run if released. Other times the judge may set a bail amount that if the person is able to meet it they can leave jail. When bail is allowed there will often be stipulations that a person must adhere to in order to be granted it. These can be dependent on the crime, the person's criminal record or will be left to the discretion of a judge. In California, bail can range from between $20,000 to $5,000,000. This can be an impossible amount for many people to come up with at a moment's notice.

Forms of Bail

Bail can be paid in a number of ways; through a bail bond, cash or property bond. Some people are fortunate enough to have the monetary funds it takes up front. They can pay cash to cover the cost of bail and this must be paid in full prior to a release taking place. They may have a substantial savings or with a combined effort of their loved ones they are able to pool resources. If they follow the guidelines implemented by the court then they will eventually be reimbursed with their bail amount. If they violate the terms, bail will be withheld by the court. It is also common for a suspect to be unable to pay the amount set by the court. In these cases there are still options. A bail bond can be pursued through an agent that can put forward the bail cost through a fee of 10%.

Once the terms of bail are established you will need to know where to bring the legal documents and the money. Those that seek help from a bail bonds agent will be assisted with this to ensure that all aspects are properly handled. A bail bonds agent from our office can then post bail to cover the cost of your loved one. Bail bonds agencies put themselves out on the line in the services they offer. When bail is paid it is done so under the requirement that your loved one will return to the court for their trial date or they will be in danger of losing their bail payment. Our office will be ultimately responsible for this, meaning that if they do not show we may take the hit.

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