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What is a Bail Bond?

What is a bail bond? You have most likely heard of the term bail bond, but without having to come into contact or directly deal with a bond, you may never find the need to fully understand what a bail bond truly is. Bail is an amount that is set by the court and later reviewed by the judge. When a person is arrested and charged with a crime, they will be held in custody until the court either determines he or she may be released on their own recognizance, or until bail is set. Bail must be paid in order to secure a defendant's release from custody. When they are released from jail, this is done with the agreement that they will be returning to court for all their scheduled dates. If they fail to do this then the court will keep the bail amount. If they do return then the funds will be redistributed following their trial.

The average amount of bail in California runs at around $20,000. Many people are unable to pay bail in full, or a cash bond to the court, so they turn to a professional bail bonds agency. A bail bond is the security case or insurance company bond that is given to the court in the form of a contract between the court and the defendant and his or her "sureties". Sureties are typically the bail bondsman and any person who is willing to be the signor on the bond. There are several types of bail, including: surety bonds, immigration bonds, property bonds, cash bail and federal bail bonds.

Working with an Agent

An agency works as an intermediate player that can provide the financial backing for a fee that allows a defendant to be released. They do this through a signed agreement with the individual or another person that will sign for them. If a signer is present, they are the ones that take responsibility for the defendant, but essentially the main responsibility may fall on the agent. A case will often be reviewed before being accepted and if there appears to a be a high risk of the suspect not making their court appearances and paying their bail, the agent may choose not to assist them.

This is a valuable service that is provided during one of the most critical times of a person's life. Under the law it is required that a bail bond agent charges 10% of the bail amount to the suspect in order to post bail and have them released. Without coming up with a bail amount, a suspect will be detained in jail until their trial is completed and they are found innocent or they are not sentenced with jail time. This prevents them from continuing on with their life, carrying out the responsibilities of their job or having the freedom to find an attorney to defend them against charges.

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